Party Celebration for Innovative Market Model Successfully


On Dec.7,2018,Shandong Xingzhicheng Biological Technology Co.,LTD hold a New Business Model of Zero-win and Multi-win Landing Practice and Return Evening,At the meeting,chairman Shao xingzhi said:We should actively respond to the call of the state to develop private economy,share policy dividends quickly with our partners,let everyone benefit from good political welfare,Sharing risks,we have advantages, so we take more risks.The Seminar on zero-win and multi-win business model held by Xing Zhicheng on November 23 was a success under the leadership, the trust of partners and the joint efforts of all staff,host a thank-you party for this,Let’s drink happily and express our opinions.It laid a more solid and powerful foundation for the development of the new stage of Xingzhicheng.


Post time: Dec-18-2018
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