Mechanism of Pharmaceutical Tranquilizer Patch


1 Resting Potential, base of generation and changes of all bioelectricity. In steady condition, larger permeability to K+, while lower to other ions, when negative value in inner membrane enlarge, nerve cell come into inhibitory state, called hyperpolarization which was mainly caused by Cl- penetrated into inner membrane.

2 GABA(formula: C4H9NO2, Molecular weight: 103.1, CAS: 56-12-2, Molecular structure: ), a kind of inhibitory neurotransmitter, can inhibit activity and reduce energy consumption with calm down, hypnosis function. GABA act on receptor of GABA, a tunnel for Cl-, when GABA receptor was activated, permeability of Cl- to cell membrane was enlarged, and penetrate into inner membrane cause to hyperpolariztion and inhibit excitement of nerve cell, also reduce activity.

3 Milk peptides can active γ-GABA, and have high selective affinity to GABA-A receptor, while GABA is essential neurotransmitter to trigger sleeping and inhibit discomfort caused by nervous and pressure. When get into sleeping, the brain will release GABA to reduce anxiety and come into sleeping in relax condition.

4 Milk peptides, a kind of biological active peptide with relief function, contained in cow cheese protein hydrolysate, composed of 10 amino acid from the designated No. from 91 to 100 with tranquilizing function.

5 Shandong XZC Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Cooperated with famous medical experts, research nanogold as medium to combined with Milky Peptide and multi-molecule of herbal essence which can be absorbed by percutaneous by Nanoshel technology. The combination penetrate the protein of cuticle or lipid between horn cell and join the blood circulation in whole body to keep steady serotonin concentration to alleviate insomnia.

Post time: Sep-26-2018
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