Change To Reconcept Future – Multi Win Business Model Seminar Star Sincere Innovation Product Launch

subject:Change to reconcept future – multi win business model seminar star sincere innovation product launch。


Time : Dec.20-22


Our dressing products include Alginate wound dressing (PU type/autohesion type/adsorbent type)—-size:various sizes among (3-10) cm*(3-30) cm

polyurethane foam wound dressing (autohesion type/adsorbent type) —— size:various sizes among (3-10) cm*(3-30) cm

hydrocolloid wound dressing (PU type/autohesion type)——size:various sizes among (3-10) cm*(3-30) cm

Medical wound dressing(Non-wonve type /PU type )—–size:various sizes among (3-10) cm*(3-30) cm

Disposable sterile surgical films(PU type / PE type)——size:various sizes among (20-60) cm*(20-60) cm

Poly (vinyi alcohol) hydrogel eye patch / medical nursing pad / sodium poly acrylate hydrogel patch (cold compress patch )



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